Thursday, 28 June 2012


As this is the first post of my new photography blog, let me just say welcome! This is a place for me to post about shoots I've done, what inspires me, shoot plans, behind the scenes etc and this is also a place for me to post work that I wouldn't have on my flickr account. I hope you enjoy this blog and the photos!

Yesterday, we went to shoot at our local quarry which offers beautiful light at the right time and really clear water. I had had this shoot planned for a while and it was great to finally go and shoot it. The girls were great and took direction so well. We were a little wary of going into the water at first, but then they took the plunge and went in. It was nice and cool on a very humid day, so it worked out fine.

Models: Charlotte, Lotty and Hollie
Photography and Makeup: Me (Sophie)
Assistant: Lolly

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